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Anna Bellinger. UK. 1969.

My work explores the human relationship with nature, the nature of being human, and the disconnect and the stories that lie within. I use arboreal references, the human form, and found or repurposed objects in those explorations. I´m attracted to pattern and repetiton, and enjoy humour - funny is important to me, but sometimes it comes from a dark place. I wonder a lot.

Currently working with acrylics and charcoal to bring human and arboreal forms together in a type of abstracted figuration (Wood for the Trees, Disconnect), I also work with found objects, photography, and installation to present sideways perspectives on the human legacy (UnderfootAnthropocene, Invasive Species)
Born and brought up in the countryside of southeast England, I now live in Andalucía.
I have a BA (hons) degree in Textile Design.
All of these things inform my process and practice as an artist.
If you´d like to know more, this interview with ELT Footprint´s Daniel Barber goes a bit deeper into my motivations and process.


Solo Exhibitions

2023  ' Wood for the Trees' Stardust Jazz Club, El Puerto de Santa María

2023  ' Wood for the Trees' El Cuartel del Mar, Chiclana

2019 ´Underfoot´ Casa de Los Toruños, El Puerto de Santa María

2019 ´Anthropocene´ Casa de Los Toruños, El Puerto de Santa María

2018 ´Underfoot´ Sala la Polaroid, San Fernando


Group exhibitions

2023  El Mercado de Arte del Colegio de Arquitectos, Cádiz

2023  'Cádiz y su Provincia´ Marambay, Cádiz

2022  'Door to Door'  - Art Aviso, Lite-Haus Galerie, Berlin  

2022 ´Womart´ Casa Gato Librería / La Calabaza Mecánica, Rota

2021 ´3 x 3´  Centro Cultural ´Alfonso X El Sabio´, El Puerto de Santa María.

2020 ´al-Magrib´ - analogue photography exhibition, Sala la Polaroid, San Fernando.

2019 ´al-Magrib´ - III Festival de Fotografia Analógica – Ricardo Martín, Villanueva de la Serena

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