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Wood for the Trees - Disconnect I

A collection of 20 small format works, made in acrylics on reused palette wood.


A distortion of the colour and an exaggeration of the limb-like branches of the Stone Pine is used to bring the subject closer to the human - producing a dramatic and unsettling image. This image is then broken down into smaller units creating abstracted and ambiguous forms

The original is consequently no longer seen as a whole.

The Stone or Umbrella Pine is a tree with a robust root system -  a tree tolerant to poor soil and

a dry climate, a tree resistant to disease and pests, a tree used to stabilise and protect coastal areas

from dune erosion. 

Disconnect detail2_2
Disconnect detail1_2
Disconnect 13_21
Disconnect 17_21
Disconnect 14_21
Disconnect 8_21
Disconnect 12_21
Disconnect 10_21
Disconnect 5_21
Disconnect 18_21
Disconnect 7_21
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